Ticket assignment automation for Zendesk

Automated even load distribution = happy support agents = happy supervisors :)

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Who use Round Robin App

  • aftership.com
  • Arizona State University
  • berkeley.edu
  • bukalapak.com
  • clever.com
  • expedia.com
  • freshbooks.com
  • hotelcom.com
  • lazada.co.id
  • optimum.com
  • streeteasy.com
  • stanford.edu
  • The Home Depot
  • wizant.com
  • zillow.com

... and more than 1000 other companies

What our customers say

In just two weeks of operation, we’ve already seen a 15% increase in agent productivity (tickets solved per hour) as well as a 20% decrease in first response time for tickets. It also frees up Supervisors so they can spend more time with agents and customers... read full story

Chris Harvey : ​VP, Customer Service, thredup.com, USA

We've seen improvements in our key metrics since launching RoundRobin. Our Specialists hit their daily goals nearly 50% more often and the team has had an 11% increase in overall capacity — a win for us and our customers!... read full story

Danielle Curtis : ​Customer Support Manager, donorschoose.org, USA

Using Round Robin has allowed tickets to be assigned directly to the right agents every time, thus allowing the Launches & Support team to improve significantly on key metrics like issue response time, team focus and productivity and above all, customer satisfaction rate... read full story

Emmanuel Chavane : Global CTO, Africa Internet Group jumia.com, Africa

After a week of usage we noticed an immediate improvement in ticket efficiency and response times as agents are no longer monitoring a queue and making the decision if they should pick up a ticket or not in fear of being too overloaded. Overall, we are very happy with the Round Robin app and would recommend it to anyone using Zendesk as a ticketing solution who wants to take it to the next level... read full story

Michael North : Director of Technical Support, salesfusion.com, USA

We used to have difficulty in giving tickets to the agents when some of them pick up the easiest ones and others weren’t committed to the performance. We have tried a lot of things to monitor and improve performance, with no results. Now we have a team that works together, with equality of workload and efficiency on the real assign tool that is Round Robin. We are very happy with the solution!... read full story

Bruno Rodrigues : CEO, bcrcx.com, Brazil

We don’t have to worry about human error in assigning tickets or who is responsible for assigning tickets if the Lead and Supervisor are out. We also have flexibility in setting vacation time, sick time, or even overtime to make sure the work gets done with as little interruption as possible... read full story

Joshua Bentley : Customer Success Manager, moxiworks.com, USA

Round robin allows us to promptly assign tickets to agents automatically so that they do not sit in an "unassigned" backlog of tickets. Timeliness is very important to our customers, so this feature helps us shave off minutes of idle time on each ticket... read full story

Tyler Kennedy : Vice President of Operations, fetchrewards.com, USA

Using the Round Robin App, we save time and user error by automated ticket assignment to only available agents. My team loves the ease of use this program brings to our ticketing system... read full story

Ryan Arnold : IT Manager Rise OMG, riseservicesinc.org, USA

That's awesome! This app has been a huge help to my team and I look forward to some of the features you plan on adding.

Chad Hester Head of Support, phobio.com, USA
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